A Modern Classic of Southern Cooking
Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Picture10While many of us have enjoyed fried chicken and biscuits, but as tasty and comforting as those flavors, remarkably delicious, invigorating and ingrained with heritage and love. Home cooks of all levels will relish the culinary exploration and depth of “A Taste of Heritage”, a clear and comprehensive collection of traditional and contemporary recipes that is the most accessible and complete book on authentic African-American cuisine. I define African American cuisine as a comforting and familiar part of African American culture, these foods symbolize a return to, and acknowledgment of, one’s ethnic roots.
Heritage cooking utilizing authentic ingredients and time-honored traditions possess an ability to bring about strong feeling of physical, spiritual, and emotional satisfaction. Frequently, the process is simple: ingredients, techniques and ways of serving are virtually the same as in the old south. I translate the integrity of authentic African-American cooking into a language home cooks can appreciate and incorporate into their lives.

Now is your chance to finally enjoy marvelous recipes and personal stories from RENOWNED AFRICAN-AMERICAN CHEFS
Order from this web site and receive a personally autographed edition from one of America’s most respected African-American Chefs!
(Please be sure to type in the message you’d like Chef Joe Randall to write into your autographed book on the order form page under “Special Instructions”.)

A Taste of Heritage is only $24.95 plus $6.10 for shipping/handling if ordering from the United States, or just $34.95 plus $6.10 for shipping/handling if ordering from Canada. Georgia residents, please add an additional $7% for GA sales tax.


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